How to make dating less awkward

1. Avoiding awkwardness on dates

Prepare ahead 
The key to avoiding an awkward date is to know what to expect before the date begins. That means you need to prepare ahead of time. The most important thing to do is to find out what the person you’re dating likes to do and what they don’t like to do, what they like to talk about what they don’t like to talk about, where they like to go and where they would like to go. Once you have figured out these things, choose a location that best meets your desires and tailor your activities to fit. 

Avoid dates with lots of talking 
One of the most essential yet awkward things to do is talk to somebody and get to know them. People find it awkward to talk to relative strangers about personal things, so you can avoid a lot of awkwardness by having a date that doesn’t require a lot of face-to-face talking. You can schedule some kind of an outdoor activity, or perhaps a sporting event, a concert, or some kind of theater. There many opportunities for you and your date to have fun without having to talk too much.

A second option is just to have a very short date where this is not much time for talking. On the down side is that such dates are not high on the romance factor. So if you want to briefly talk and get to know somebody, go to coffee shop together. Delaying the romance aspect in the early dating will also avoid much awkwardness. 

Move to Plan B 
Part of your date prearrangement should be in having a plan B. For example, what if during your date at the movies, you find out that both of you would prefer to do something else. Well if you have planned ahead, you can now move to a plan B, such as going to your favorite Pub or talking a romantic walk under the stars. Conversely, one of the ways you can avoid awkwardness is by ending the date a little earlier than you had planned. 

Improve your skills 
You need to have the right skill level to avoid awkward situations. Sometimes it just comes down to experience. When you date a lot and you figure out how to relate to many different kinds of people. But if you’re new to the dating scene, then you need to perhaps practice ahead of time. Go out with a friend of the opposite sex and just chat about different activities while working on improving your communication skills without worrying about the romance factor. Taking your friends on dates is an excellent way to expand your skills, if you make a conscious effort to do so.

2. How do you stop awkward silences on a date?

Laugh it off 
In spite of your best efforts and skill, you can still run into an awkward silence, in which case, it may be better just to laugh at this awkwardness. The secret to great comedy is the release of tension. Awkward silence creates the tension and laughter releases it. You know you’re not fooling anybody by pretending everything is great, so sometimes just be transparent and admit that you have fallen into an awkward silence. The next steps to deal with that awkward silence are seen below this paragraph. 

Be honest about it 
Sometimes you should just address the person directly and say you know this seems like an awkward situation. Ask your date if they are OK. Is there anything you can do to make them more comfortable? Sometimes the other person is making it awkward. You can be polite and just endure it or perhaps you could address the issue, saying, “I would feel more comfortable with you if we could do <whatever> differently”. 

Show concern: ask if they are OK 
Many times we are not responsible for the reasons that the date is awkward. The person who you are dating has their own life and whatever is going on in their life may be affecting your date. So sometimes express your concern for them by saying, “I thought doing <whatever> with you would be a really good time together but you don’t seem really into it. Is there something we can change?” They may have an idea to fix the problem. Or they may not be comfortable talking about it. No date is perfect, some are bound to be disappointing despite your best efforts. 

3. What to talk about

What you have done 
A lot of people don’t know what to talk about especially when they don’t even know each other yet. Definitely, you should avoid dangerous issues like politics and religion. Although there’s nothing wrong with those topics for some people; for others, it’s quite a minefield that you would be best avoiding. Instead, you can talk about what you’ve done in your life, especially anything that you’ve they may find interesting. You should share things that you have a passion about, things that you have done. Then, they will naturally be more interested because you are interested. In the same way, you want them to talk and share about things that they’ve done. This is part of letting each other see into the details of our lives. 

What you haven’t done 
A fun thing to do is to ask what people haven’t done. They can talk about things they haven’t done but would like to do such as flying an airplane or jumping out off a bridge. Start with: Something I’ve never done, but one day they’d like to do is …

And even more fun situation is where you talk about things that you have never done and you absolutely would never do under any circumstances. For example, you can say, “I have never eaten chocolate covered ants and I never would do so even if I was starving in the desert. How about you” These are just fun little conversation starters that you can branch off into more meaningful conversations later. 

What you want to do 
A little bit deeper conversation is when people share their aspirations; things that they really want to do, so much that they dream about doing them. Perhaps they have been studying or even training for it. Another, more somber topic is asking for their lost dreams. That is something that they wished they would be able when they were younger, but now is no long possible. Such as someone training to become a concert pianist, but giving it up to help their family make money. When you share these things, you begin to get a little bit deeper into people’s lives. But be prepared: sometimes increased intimacy leads to awkardness. 

4. How to make dates fun

Bucket list dating 
One of the most fun dates is when you do something that you have always wanted to do. If you’ve always wanted to visit that shopping mall that’s in another city, maybe you can take a date to do so. If you find out that your date would like to go to a professional football game for the first time, make it an epic date. If one or both of you are really passionate about some new activity, the fun level can be contagious and memorable. 

Keep it light 
Well, there’s nothing wrong with having a deep intense conversation, but that’s usually not a good way to have fun. If you want to be fun, you should keep your date light. Keep it positive and avoid heavy situations. Think about what you can do that will make you feel good, joyful and won’t give you any regrets. Make it something that both of you can do in a fun way. 

Be active in body and mind (at low cost) 
It can be good to get the focus off yourselves and your relationship while dating. There are a plethora of free activities available if your funds are limited. Some people really enjoy doing physical activities. That can be a lot of fun even childlike fun such as making a snowman or building a snow fort in the winter or going swimming in a creek in the summer. And the same way there are some adult board games that people can play that are mentally challenging. Consider introverted activities, such are going to a book reading going to a local current affairs discussion about important events. Those are all inexpensive things that allow you to focus on something fun beyond yourselves. 

Leave your problems at home 
No matter what kind of fun activity you have, it won’t be very much fun if you bring your problems with you. Everybody’s got problems: they’ve got money problems, health problems, family problems, world problems, and national problems. And if you bring any of this into your date; it’s probably going to be a very unhappy time for everybody. So, while you’re on your date, just forget about those problems. Live in the moment and enjoy the here and the now. Do things that bring joy and avoid things that you will regret later. Have the courage lighten up and let go of the world for just a few moments. After the date, you can go back to your worried, awkward life.

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