How to ask a girl out at the gym without being creepy

1. Avoid being creepy

Have realistic expectations
The first goal to avoid being creepy. So let’s discuss what girls think is creepy. Girls are very uncomfortable when it seems that a guy is idolizing her or he seems to have very unrealistic expectations. So the most important thing you can do is have realistic expectations of whether you “deserve” to be with her. If you consider yourself a 5 and this girl is a 10, then asking her out is probably unrealistic and you’re already getting into the creep zone. But if you’re a 7 and she’s an 8 or even a 9, there’s a reasonable expectation of success when you ask her out.

Don’t invade a woman’s space or stare at her
Creepy guys tend to stare at girls that they’re interested in. Then they tend to get too close and invade the girl’s personal space when they try and interact with her. So to avoid being creepy you need to be able to let the girl have her space and don’t try to become too close or too intimate too quickly.

Don’t dominate
Creepy guys are kind of scary to girls because girls can sense that this weirdo has a desire to dominate them. The creep tries to control them with his speech, with his emotions, and with his body movements. As long as you’re acting normally and you don’t make the girl afraid that you’re trying to control her or dominate her, you can safely interact with her.

Don’t share too much information
Creepy guys don’t know when to shut up, especially about themselves. They share a lot of really personal information too people they barely know and this creeps women out. This goes along with the idea that creepy guys don’t understand or respect other people’s boundaries. Remember that women want a certain amount of privacy in order to feel safe.

Understand social cues
Creepy guys are very poor at understanding and engaging social cues and understanding the body language of others. They tend to be so focused on what they want and their goals that they don’t pay attention to other’s communication. If you have a tendency to do that, train yourself to recognize when women are trying to politely brush you off, when women are trying to disengage from your presence, and when they’re trying to get back to what they were originally doing. You need to learn to interact with women on a level that they are comfortable with and not continue to go beyond the bounds of what is socially polite.

2. When to talk to her

First befriend the staff
Before you get serious trying to chat with women at the gym, I strongly advise you to make friends with the staff who work there. The staff can tell you some personal details about any women you find attractive at the gym, such as how often they come in, what time they come in, and what activities they do. But if the staff don’t know you and don’t trust you, they may warn other women about you and they may even actively discourage you from talking with women on the premises. So remember to befriend the staff, they can be very helpful toasking out girls at the gym without appearing creepy.

Look, sound, and smell good
Even though this is a place where guys get smelly, dirty, and “grunty”, that’s not what women are coming to the gym for. If you want to attract a woman, you need to look good, you need to sound good, and you need to smell good. Don’t be a caveman while you’re at the gym. Instead, wear deodorant at the while you’re working out and wear some nice exercise clothes. Don’t wear something that’s too short, too tight, or accident prone. You want to blend in to the gym community while you’re exercising, so don’t draw attention to the way you look, to the way you sound, or to the way you smell. The kind of narcissistic approach at the gym turns girls off.

Don’t rush
If you are a regular at the gym, you should not be in any hurry to quickly hook up with some woman. Instead, take your time and plant some seeds. The first time you see her, just acknowledge her presence and move on. Then, another day you can use the same equipment she’s using, or make eye contact. Still later, you can begin a conversation. Patience in the beginning phase of meeting a woman at the gym separates you from the creeps. You should be using this technique on a number of women at the same time, both in the gym and elsewhere.

Don’t interrupt when she’s actively exercising
If you want to talk with a woman at the gym wait till she has some free time when she’s between sets. Don’t bug her when she’s in the middle of active and heavy exercise. When she’s exercising, she wants to focus on her exercise. And you should do the same with your exercises that way everybody can avoid injury.

Talk before or after a group class
It’s a great idea to take classes at the gym where you can be grouped up with women and you can meet them and interact with them. However, some classes are better than others. Classes like boxing, kickboxing, or bicycling are great places to meet women. Avoid dance classes where you might appear feminine or goofy, unless you have the skill to pull off the moves.

3. How to introduce yourself to a girl at the gym

Work out near her
After you have identified your “target”, it’s now time to get close to her. If she’s working on one machine, begin using a machine near her. Look for an opportunity during the exercise break to talk with her or even just to make eye contact and get her attention. Definitely, don’t follow her from machine to machine as that’s the kind of a creepy behavior that a woman will notice and be repelled by.

Make eye contact
Before you talk with someone, try to make eye contact with them. This is a very important signal; if a woman does not want to meet your eyes, then she doesn’t want to meet you at the moment. Perhaps she’s just shy, perhaps she’s in a relationship already, or perhaps she just wants to get her work done. Don’t be a creep and force her to interact with you when she’s avoiding eye contact.

On the other hand, if she does give you eye contact and even smiles at you, that is an indication that you’re not creepy and she would welcome a little more interaction with you. That doesn’t mean you have to go further, it may be better to back off and go about your exercise. Then, a week later, you can approach her again. Over time, she’ll feel more and more comfortable with you.

Ask her for help
If you plan things right, you can be using equipment near her or even the same equipment and you can ask her for help; especially if you can see that she’s she’s very knowledgeable about the equipment or her technique is very good. If the machines are a little bit complicated, you can ask her for help on how to do things how to do things better. That a strategy that girl’s use on guys all the time; sometimes they even ask for help for things that they already know how to do. This can lead to further interaction.

Mention that you have noticed her before
Since you have been taking it slowly, you can mention, after you make eye contact, you have seen them here before. This is a kind of an icebreaker, then give her a little bit of a very small amount of personal information about yourself, such as you name and workout reasons to see how she responds. She will let you know if she wants to talk more.

Give her your name but don’t directly ask for hers
Sharing just your first name is fine, then give her a chance to respond with her name. But you don’t need to ask her name, if she is feeling comfortable with you, she’ll tell you her name. And if she’s not feeling comfortable you, don’t try to drag personal information out of her. Play is slow and wait for a better time. By the way, if she is using her cell phone while working out at the gym, don’t spy on her. Going beyond people’s boundaries and invading their privacy is creepy behavior.

Share your reasons for working out and ask hers’
Another thing you can do is to share the reasons why you’re working out, or your goals for working out. Then you can ask why she comes to the gym, what’s her purpose, or what is she getting out of this. But of course, you need to be sensitive to her boundaries, Always let her have her the freedom to stop the interaction at any time.

4. How to compliment a girl at the gym

Don’t compliment her body
Some things a girl cannot easily control, such as how tall she is, her basic bone structure and whether she’s a 5 or a 10. She is not responsible for her basic DNA she praising her body is both too personal and too impersonal. So, even if her body is very praiseworthy, praising her about her good looks probably won’t make her very happy and makes you appear very shallow and possibly creepy. Generally, it’s a good idea to avoid all compliments about her body even if they’re well-meaning.

Compliment her choices
The best way to compliment a woman is by praising the things that she chooses, such as her hairstyle, her clothes, her gear and all the things that she makes a deliberate choice about. Those are things that she will feel good about when you praise her. They’re also excellent things for you to ask questions about. You could say, I like your shoes and I’d like to get a pair for my sister. Can you tell me where I can get a pair?

While drawing attention to a woman’s clothes and her gear can work really well, there is one drawback. Sometimes guys will praise a woman’s clothes when they’re really just staring at and praising body. Even if a guy doesn’t intend to, the girl may think that’s what the guy’s point is. So always be sensitive to how a woman is going to respond to your comments about her clothes, and gear.

Appreciate her skill
The best compliments are about a woman’s hard-earned skill. Any woman who goes regularly to the gym will become pretty good at those things that she does repeatedly. It is very wise for you to notice what she’s doing and her skill level, then you can praise her for that. Every woman is proud about the effort she put, developing her work out skills even is she appears modest. This interaction could lead to questions about how she learned her skills and maybe she could help you with your skills.

Be encouraging!
Another excellent way to compliment a girl is to encourage her. All the time women in the media are encouraging other women. This approval is something that women like to hear, they like to be inspired. You can offer a short compliment; you don’t have to carry on a long conversation. It can be as short as a cheer or a positive phrase. Women especially like compliments that don’t require any response or interaction. If you say, “Way to go girl!” or whatever, that can really please a woman and it doesn’t require her to stop and she’s doing and interact with you. But don’t overdo it. If you give her too much unwanted attention, you will creep her out, despite your best intentions.

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