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6 Essential dating tips for shy guys (from a former shy guy)

Shy guys will learn skills needed to deal with shyness, which girls to ask out, how to ask girls out, how to deal with rejection, how to have a successful first date and which date activity to choose. 1. Dealing with shyness Causes of Shyness: Shyness is often caused by fear of new people and new situations. Another cause of shyness is due to low self-esteem. Another big cause of...


5 Basic Dating Tips for your first date and beyond

To enjoy your first date and subsequent ones, follow these 5 basis dating tips: make a plan, look good, be polite, have fun, and be confident. 1. Make a plan Know your purpose for this dateWhy do you want to go on this date? Are you going on the date because you just want to meet your physical and social needs? Maybe you’re going on this date because you’re looking...