Can I be attractive if I’m short?

Yes, you can be attractive if you’re short. While you start from a disadvantage, you can become more attractive through hard work and clever strategy. The many attractive short people in the world today prove that this is possible.

Short is relative

World Height Averages
In 2014, a website called YouGov from England did research on what are the heights and the desired Heights of potential dates of people in the UK. Since people in the US and the UK are about the same height on average, this is a good sample for both Americans and the English. Accordingly, the average height for a male is 5 feet and 10 inches and the average height for a female is 5 feet 4 inches. The average man is looking for a woman who is about 5 ft 6 in tall. The average woman is looking for a man about 5 feet 11 inches tall. So the ideal mate is somewhat taller than the national average.

What is too tall?
Generally a woman who was over 6 foot tall was considered too tall for most men and likewise, a man over 6 foot 3 was considered too tall for most women. Naturally, women who are over 6 foot are looking for men who are a few inches taller than they are.

What is too short?
Again according to the UK site YouGov, women on average reported that a man who was five foot three inches or shorter was too short for them to want to date. And for the average man, a woman who was too short would be 4 feet and 11 inches tall.

Average height varies in the world
People from different countries naturally have different average heights. If you go to China, the average height is for males is 5ft 6.7 in and the average female is 5 ft and 2.5 in. One of the tallest groups are people from the Netherlands where men are an average 6 ft tall and women are an average of 5.6 in tall. And if you’re looking for short people you could go to the Philippines where are the men are an average of 5.4 inches tall and the women are about 5 ft tall.

Disadvantages of being short

Seem outwardly weak
There are a lot of disadvantages of being short mostly it’s in the perception of other people. There is a stereotype that short people are less powerful, they’re less intelligent, and that they’re less attractive than taller people. Taller people tend to have higher positions at work and make more money. Political leaders tend to win elections when they are taller than their opponents.

Seem inwardly weak
Short people also lose out and in the opinion of others on their internal characteristics. Short people are seen as being less trustworthy, more criminal, and less confident. These stereotypes may be unfair, but that is something that short people have to deal with on a daily basis.

A chip on their shoulder
It’s no wonder that many short people seem to have a chip on their shoulder. They feel very unhappy with their treatment in the world and the negative expectations that other people place on them. That can lead to a poor adjustment in their social life and feelings of insecurity. That naturally will create a feedback loop where you feel bad about yourself and other people feel bad about you and it just becomes more and more debilitating.

How to overcome those disadvantages

The way to overcome these disadvantages of how people perceive short people, is through the display of confidence. Confidence is something you can learn to develop and learn to display in your relationships with other people. When you have confidence in yourself, then people will tend to have confidence in you as well.

Humor is an excellent way for you to show confidence and to put other people at ease. Through humor, you can show people that you are a good person and then they will feel good being around you. This will help overcome many of the negative stereotypes that others have of short people.

Another way you can do better in your relations with people is to achieve success in your life. Everybody loves a winner, so through your hard work and ingenuity, you can make a success of your life. This is naturally going to draw women towards you.

It is often said the clothes make the man and through paying attention to the way you dress and including wearing special shoes with lifts you can appear inches taller than you are. In fact, successfully dressing will lead to success in many areas of life and with women no matter what your height is.

Relative comparison
One of the tricks of avoiding the “short” label is not to spend too much time around tall people because they make you look short by comparison. Instead, spend more time with other short people and you will fit in. People will see you as being part of an average sized group and they won’t single you out as being the short one. Additionally, you could travel to a country with a short average height such as Indonesia or Guatemala. Avoid Canada and Iceland.

Short Women: Maximize your femininity

Appeal to the men who like petite women
I strongly encourage short women to maximize their femininity and to appeal to men who naturally like short or petite women. Every man has his own body type that he naturally prefers. Some men like big Amazons and others like more petite women. Don’t try to compete with big athletic women, instead maximize your opportunities within that niche.

Be receptive
One of the best ways to be feminine and to attract men no matter what your height is to be open to receive whatever men want to give you. You have a natural advantage as a smaller woman of being seen as being weaker and more vulnerable. Your very size can lead men of good character to want to help you. Let men open doors for you, carry up heavy objects for you, and when you’re at the supermarket let a tall man reach for object from the top shelf and hand it to you.

These are things that many men like to do and they find it very attractive when a woman appreciates their help. That doesn’t mean you owe the man anything more than appreciation. A taller woman will be tempted to assert her own dominance and to push men away to show that she is fully capable. Instead, use your perceived weakness as an opportunity to draw men into helping you.

Be graceful
Another form of femininity is to be graceful in the way you act, move, and your dress. Even if youcan, don’t try to outmuscle a man. Instead, learn to attract men through charm and grace. While all women would benefit from this strategy, a smaller graceful woman is going truly stand out from the vast Thundering Herd of angry feminists.

Be emotionally vulnerable
Since shorter women are seen as being weaker and more vulnerable, play this up to your advantage by being emotionally vulnerable. That doesn’t mean you need to be a drama queen or a basket case. It just means that men expect women to be emotional, and in fact that emotional expressiveness often draws men to women. So don’t hide your emotions, or appear invulnerable. Instead, share your worries, concerns, and fears. Soon, you will find yourself surrounded by white Knights who want to protect their princess.

Short Men: Maximize your masculinity

Show your confident assertiveness through flirting
Now the weak point for short men is that they seem to be less masculine than bigger and taller men. So you need to overcome that by showing your confidence and assertiveness to the women you’re attracted to. Now I don’t recommend you being a jerk or treating women roughly. Instead, you should flirt with women. Nothing shows confidence more than being able to. Shower her with attention and make that very pleasurable experience, without being threatening.

Show your ability to protect and provide
Women naturally look for men to protect and provide for them and their possible children. That doesn’t mean all women consciously feel that way but that is historically the way women feel. So treat her like a lady but don’t let her manipulate you. That would include dressing for success, talking like a gentleman and throwing a little money around.

Become an alpha male at something

Finally you need to discover where you can be an alpha male. Even though you’re not going to match other men’s height, you need to identify where are your strengths and what field and what niches you can compete and win. The truth is that nobody is an alpha male at everything and only fools think differently. The greatest athletes in the world say, sir to their owners and coaches. And they have great respect for the guys who can fix their expensive cars or their kid’s teeth.

You want to be so good at some aspect of your life that other people will not only respect you, they will admire you. Once you internalize the fact that every man can be an alpha and at least one part of his life and that doesn’t depend on his size, then you will approach women with true confidence. Lastly, you will easily attract women who like the things you excel at.

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