Can dating a younger man work?

Dating a younger man can work if you embrace his culture and are not in a hurry to settle down. Show him that he is a valuable man and you can have a happy and satisfying relationship.


There is a myriad of advantages of dating a younger man. Although some of the advantages can also be disadvantages, depending on your point of view and your situation.

Learn a new world

The farther apart you two are in age, the more different your cultures will be. If you’re dating a man who is 10 years younger than you are, he’ll really come from a different experience than you. To get to know each other well, you’ll have to learn a new culture and you’ll have to deal with his friends who are very different than the ones you are used to. This can be an advantage if you relish Adventure and if you enjoy learning new things or perhaps if you identify more with the younger generation.

Not in a hurry to settle down
Also dating a younger man means he’ll probably not be in a hurry to settle down, marry or have kids. If you don’t want to have kids ever or at least not for a while, then dating a younger man could be just the thing you’re looking for.

Less baggage, and a better attitude
Also, younger men have less baggage by that I mean they probably haven’t been married and divorced; they probably don’t have kids; they probably don’t have to pay child support. They haven’t had their hearts broken many many times and they haven’t been turned off of women by having lots of bad girlfriends. So, because they haven’t had all of these bad experiences, they’ll have a fresh and positive attitude when dating you.

Like adventure
Dating a younger man will definitely be an adventure; younger men are more likely to want to travel, to have fun, and to do things that require a lot of energy. If you find that attractive, then a younger man is just perfect for you.

Better body
One of the most fun advantages is that younger men have are healthier and in better shape than older men. They are too young to have “dad bods”. They’re usually stronger, thinner, less wrinkled, and they look better in modern clothes. They have more stamina, more energy, and their younger brains are more open to learning new things.

More in touch with current media themes
The world that we live in today is strongly focused on the interest and the desires of young people. So if you’re dating a younger man, he’ll be up on all the latest trends, he’ll know the latest music, he’ll and know how to use all the latest social apps. If you find that enchanting, then a younger man will be your ticket to engaging the younger generation.


But of course, there are a number of disadvantages to dating a younger man also. Some are unavoidable, so be prepared to overcome them.

Learn a new world
One disadvantage is that now you have to learn about his world, about how about the culture he cares for, and about his young friends You’ll have to deal with a lot of immature, shallow people. If that doesn’t interest, you then your relationship is going to have difficulty.

Not in a hurry to settle down
Another difficulty is if you feel any pressure to settle down to marry or have kids. Your biological clock is ticking at a much more advanced rate than his is. He may have absolutely no desire for children or he may want to settle down 10 or 15 years from now. If you can’t wait, that long that’s a serious hindrance to your relationship.

Controversial relationship
Although our culture is a bit more accepting of such relationships these days, you will be called a cougar and both you will experience a lot of criticism from family, friends, and coworkers. It is definitely a challenge to maintain a healthy relationship when many people around you disapprove.

It can make you feel insecure
Another troubling point is that you’re going to get wrinkles faster and your body is going to run out of energy faster than your boyfriend. This can lead to a lot of insecurities; you may be concerned that the young man you’re attracted to may seek to replace you with a younger version.


Okay, let’s say that you want to make a go of this relationship; here’s some advice that can help you smooth over the potential rough spots.

Don’t be calculating
First off, don’t be manipulative or controlling, just let it all happen naturally. Don’t go cruising around looking for a young man- that is exactly the stereotype you want to avoid. Just go through your normal life and if something happens, then it happens. That’s is important for any healthy relationship.

Let him pursue you
The second thing is not to aggressively pursue the younger man. Most men prefer to do the pursuit in a relationship. This advice is especially helpful if you are a very successful woman. Often it is enough just to let a man know that you’re interested and let him be the aggressive partner.

Give him respect
Since you are older, there is a good chance that you are more successful and richer compared to the younger man. Don’t flaunt your successes because the young man needs to feel that he is also a person of value. he doesn’t want to feel that he’s like a dependent child. Try not to openly compare him to past men in your life.

Lots of communication
You need to have lots of time talking together because you’ll have a lot of things to struggle with, such as the difference in cultures and the conflict between friends and family who don’t accept your relationship.

Once you start getting serious, you need to have an honest conversation about having children. How many children do each of you want and how soon? Those questions are very important to consider fairly early on in your relationship.

Protecting your finances
This is something this very difficult to bring up, but you need to protect your finances. Often when an older man gets serious with a younger woman, they will sign up some kind of an agreement to limit the younger person’s access to the older person’s financial assets. You should consider doing the same. Plus, as you begin dating, you need to work on an understanding of who pays for what and what level of living expenses you two will share throughout the relationship.

Emotional hurt
You need to protect yourself against the emotional hurt of breaking up because this kind of younger-man-older-woman relationship does present many difficulties. There is actually a strong chance that your relationship will not work out, so you need to be emotionally prepared for that and so must the younger man.

What a younger man who likes older women is looking for.

Now let’s consider what kind of a man likes older women or more specifically what qualities this kind of man is looking for in an older woman. It turns out that young women often seek the same things in older men.

Confident and inspiring
A man who dates older women is almost certainly looking for a woman who’s confident and inspiring. He’s probably quite tired of dating younger women who are insecure and emotionally draining.

This kind of man is also looking for a woman who is independent. She has her own life and doesn’t depend on him not only for finances. She doesn’t hang on him all the time; she lets him have his freedom, she lets him hang out with his friends and pursue his hobbies independent of her and he gives her the same Freedom as well.

The younger man is looking for a woman who has passed the stage that includes lots of drama, lots of instability, and some kinds of Mind Games. He’s looking for a woman who doesn’t have to go through all that. Her thinking at this stage of life is more like a his own.

Now we come to one of the great advantages of an older woman has that a younger woman doesn’t: experience. An older woman knows what she wants and she knows what she doesn’t want, and she can communicate that. Often younger men are looking to gain wisdom from an experienced older woman not just about sex, but about art, about culture, and about success in life. Many young men prefer the intellectual stimulation and the cultural depth that an older woman has had time to develop.


Finally, a younger man really appreciates the realistic attitude and the realistic expectations of an older woman. Younger women can be very idealistic. In fact, they can be very easily manipulated by the media into believing fairy tales about having it all. Also, younger women can place very unreasonable expectations of success on young men. But an older woman, she’s been around and she knows what’s possible. And she understands what is not possible. She is not going to carry crazy expectations and place heavy burdens on the younger man.

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  1. angelce903 says:


    You did a good job in describing the pros and cons of dating younger men. I’ve personally dated a younger man once and I must admit that it really changed me from the more “classic” relationships I had because it was carefree, and he wanted an experienced woman. And I agree on the part concerning less baggage and the nice body part!

    • admin says:

      I’ll tell your a little secret: the older a woman gets the more younger men there are to date. Make a younger man feel important and he’ll always remember you. 

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