5 direct and 5 cute ways to ask a girl out

First off, it’s important to remember that no two girls are exactly alike. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cute-direct1.jpgTherefore, there is no one method, there’s no one pick-up line that’s going to work on every girl. In fact, what has worked on a girl before may completely fail if used a second time. And two guys in alternate realities using the same way to ask a girl out might get two completely different results. Consequently, here are five direct ways to ask a girl out followed by five cute ways to ask a girl out.

Direct vs Clueless

Girls don’t like clueless guys
It’s important to note that there is a difference between being direct and being clueless. If you’re clueless, you might not recognize this, but girls they don’t like clueless guys. The clueless guy is not aware of how he seems to other people, he’s not aware of his surroundings, and he doesn’t pick up important social and nonverbal clues. So if you want to be successful when asking a girl out directly, you have to be careful not to appear clueless.

Be self-aware
The first step is to know how other people perceive you- we call that being self-aware. This means knowing how to dress for the right occasion, knowing how your tone of voice and posture affect your dating opportunities Even your hygiene affects others- this means having clean clothes, clean hair, a clean body, clean teeth, fresh breath, and no foul body odor. Failing in hygiene or self-awareness can turn off a girl before she finds out she’s interested in you.

Have a plan
The next step is to think about out what you’re going to do on your date potential. Before you even ask a girl out, you should make it very clear in your mind what is Plan A if a girl agrees to go out with you. Even better, have a Plan B in just in case. Most girls like to see a man who is competent and prepared during her date. Often you need to make some effort to find out what she likes before you ask her out. Attending to these details will make sure that the date goes well and you earn a second date.

Pick up on social cues This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cute-direct-3-1.jpg
A lot of guys are poor at picking up on subtle forms of both verbal and nonverbal communication. Are the other hand, many women are excellent at this. This means that women are often sending out social cues and they’re expecting men to pick up on those and to respond appropriately. However, because many men are quite clueless, they misunderstand these social cues or they just are oblivious to them.

Before you ask a girl out, you need to study how girls communicate with their actions, with their tone of voice, and with their clothes. You can read books on it, you can just do some people watching at the mall, or you can watch videos on YouTube. You can even ask your female friends but whatever you choose, you must improve your ability to decode women’s social cues, and even better, learn how to manage your own social cues as well.

Learn body language
This is especially important when you are dealing with a woman face-to-face. You want to be able to understand how she is communicating with her body. Again there are many sources of places you can learn how to interpret people’s body language but this is a very revealing form of communication that you should never be clueless about. Likewise, you need to improve your own body language communication skills so that you are sending the message you want to send rather than some awkward and incorrect messages.

Direct ways to ask a girl out

Give her a note This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cute-direct-4.jpg
One way you can ask a girl out is to write a short note and hand it to her directly. Whatever you say in the note is up to you. If you are trying to get the attention of a girl that don’t know, you can introduce yourself very briefly, point out something positive about the girl and then ask her out for coffee or something. Sometimes, by happenstance, you see an attractive girl and so you quickly dash off a note for her. If she’s already interested in you this works really well but if she doesn’t know you or care about you, this method will likely fail.

A simple note may not make a girl want to date you unless you have several other factors going in your favor. You might want to do a little planning ahead of time and pick out the appropriate kind of note paper. You also might want to add some kind of artwork or something to make your note more interesting- the more effort you put into this the “cuter” your approach will become.

Call her up
This method is pretty hit or miss if you have to ask a girl for her phone number first. But it can work well with people you already know and already have their phone numbers. The odds are you know a hundred women and you can get their phone numbers quite easily. So then, just call a girl up and say, “Hey, I have some free time this weekend. Would you be interested in …” whatever your Plan A is. If this is a girl you don’t know well, then you need to make her feel safe to decline. She may worry that you are a creep who’s going to harass her until she gives in. Girls who feel safe in saying “no”, often end up saying “yes”.

Walk up to her
While this is the most direct, it is also the most difficult and confrontational. It takes a certain amount of boldness and confidence for a man to walk directly up to a woman and ask for a date. The fact that it is difficult, means that some women will respect that and be more interested in you than when using the safer methods on this list.

On the other hand, there are many women that they don’t want that’s kind of a direct approach, so you need to match your method to the personality of the woman you’re dealing with as best you can. If you struggle with working up the courage to talk to a woman, you can imagine what’s the worst that can happen- like being flat out rejected. Then imagine something good happening- like finding true love in a lifelong partner. You decide if the risk is worth the reward.

Write her a letter
Writing is the deepest and thoughtful form of communication and writing a letter is significantly different from writing a note. A note is short, catchy, and purposeful. But in the letter, you can develop your thoughts and reveal much more insight to the person you’re interested in dating.

Of course, you have to be careful you don’t go into the realm of being creepy by over-sharing personal information. If you find that you are a good writer and maybe not so good a talker, then this could be your best method. For maximum impact, a well-considered letter, written on nice stationery and placed in a very nice envelope will help you stand out in a text message world.

Use a dating app
The final method is to use an online dating programs or cell phone dating app. This allows you to see lots of people whom you can directly ask for a date. In some ways, dating apps are the most efficient way of getting a date because you can very easily contact dozens of women who are interested in dating and a matter of minutes.

Just remember that most of these dating apps are strongly influenced by people’s physical appearance. You need to be self-aware about how women are going to rate your pictures. If most women rate themselves higher than men rate them. And if they think they are higher than you, they will turn you down. So don’t focus all your efforts on the most attractive women.

Cute vs Creepy

Girls don’t like creepy guys
Sometimes there is a fine line between cute and creepy. Well, sometimes a woman will misinterpret your intention to be funny, humorous or cute and consider you a creep. No matter what your intentions are being considered as a creep has a very negative effect on getting dates. So, you need to see yourself from a girl’s perspective to make sure you don’t get into the creep zone.

As mentioned earlier, girls don’t like creepy guys; but what is a creepy guy? A creep is a person who makes a girl feel uncomfortable, a little bit unsafe that makes situations feel awkward by accident or intention. When a girl is dealing with a creepy guy, she’s looking around for ways to get out of the situation as painlessly and as quickly as possible. There’s virtually no chance of getting a date if she thinks you’re creepy, so every guy should learn to avoid even the hint of creepiness.

Respect her boundaries
While you want this girl whom you’re asking out to understand you and be interested in you, you have to be careful not to over-share. Don’t give out too much personal information the first time you meet someone. Give her enough information to be interested in you and yet, still wanting to know you better.

Additionally, you need to be careful not to ask too many personal questions to the girl you’re dating or asking out on a date. Let her feel comfortable with you and trust you before getting too personal.

Don’t make her feel trapped This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cute-direct-5.jpg
You must not invade her personal space when asking her out, and this personal space can vary depending upon how much she is interested in you. Be careful not to use your body in a way that seems threatening, like blocking an exit or maybe giving her the feeling like she’s going to get hurt if she rejects you. You need to always allow her the opportunity to get up and get away from you no matter how much you want her to stay. No matter how cute your approach, the other person may not respond the way you expected.

Don’t seem obsessed
When talking with a girl, don’t sound like you have nothing else to do in life except being with her. That’s going to make you seem like a loser and she will think that if nobody else wants to be with you why should she. And the same way, don’t make it sound like she’s the only girl who could make you happy as she will think that is creepy too.

You want the woman that you are asking out on a date to feel that you are interesting and in some ways an important person; that you have a life without her. The more that you don’t need her the more that she’s going to be interested in being with you. And the more you appear to need her, the less likely she will want to go on a date with you.

Cute and Clever ways to ask a girl out

Pick up lines This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cute-direct-2.jpg
You can look on the internet for an endless variety of clever pickup lines. There are thousands of these lines most of them will fail. But if you meet enough women and you keep asking them out eventually one of these cute pickup lines will work for you.

Or you could use some of the tricks that negotiators use. Some negotiators will try to get people to say yes to a small thing so that they can get a yes to a bigger thing. You borrow their pen and repay them by taking them out for coffee.

To be cuter, you can use a negative negotiation tactic. You ask a question with a negative answer and follow it with an intrigue response. Ask a girl if she wants you to be a loser. When the girl says no and then you say then if you go out with me I won’t be a loser. Hopefully, you can think of a better line than that! Just get them to answer no without making yourself seem creepy and then win the date with your follow-up line.

Props: animals, toys, gifts
One of the ways you can ask a girl out in a cute way is through using props, such as live animals, toys and gifts. You can bring a dog to a park and very easily meet other women who have dogs or maybe just like dogs. You can get an even better result by bringing in a more unusual animal such as a rabbit, a ferret or a parrot. Just remember that these animals are real living beings and you have to take care of them.

You can do the same with different kinds of toys and gifts. You can even give a woman a relatively inexpensive gift and you put a note in it asking for a date. Or you can deliver flowers or balloons in person. If you’re really clever, you can find plenty of cute gifts to capture the attention of your acquaintances or even complete strangers and get them to go out with you.

Show off your skills
One of the best ways to attract and date women is to show off your entertaining skills in public such as juggling, singing, playing musical instruments, doing magic tricks, and so on. You just want to be in a public place where you can show off something that the women will consider interesting perhaps admirable.

Appearing to be a creative and interesting person is a great way to get dates. The weak point of this method is that you need to have real skills, but if you invest in the effort to develop some kind of showmanship, you can on a regular basis go out into public to meet and attract women.

One of the cute ways that you can meet girls is by failing or having an accident. This uses a girl’s natural helpfulness and nurturing nature to care about you before you ask her out on a date. You could fall down while ice skating near an attractive girl. When she helps you up, you begin your dating approach right there. Women have been using this technique on men for millennia.

Accidents can be cute and effective because they don’t look planned. They put you in a humble and vulnerable position temporarily and that makes women feel more safe and trusting. Warning: faking or staging accidents is a bit manipulative and some women will be wary of you.

Newbie Opportunities

Newbies are often cute, especially when a guy tries to learn a traditionally feminine activity such as yoga, cooking or sewing. You may not know what you’re doing, but you can meet good-natured women who want to help you learn. Once they show an interest in your, you can then move to ask them out. And the best thing is that this is completely honest and cute, you really don’t know what you’re doing and you really would like some help.

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